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Archive for April, 2012

New GLF Website Focused on Fairfax Criminal Defense Attorney, Carlos Wall

April 30, 2012

We’re always looking for new ways to help educate and inform Virginians on their rights under state law.  We’ve created a number of websites focused on specific regions we serve in Virginia as well as on key areas of our legal practice like DUI defense or reckless driving. This month we’ve launched a new website… Read More »

Herndon Man Arrested After Punching Virginia Police Officer, Stealing Patrol Car

April 30, 2012

Dexter Gibson ran up a litany of charges on Thursday when he assaulted an Arlington County, Virginia police officer and then sped off in the officer’s patrol car. Gibson then led authorities on a dramatic high speed chase down I-66. Police caught up to Gibson and managed to force the stolen vehicle from the road. But… Read More »

Elderly Santa Fe Man Shoots Up City’s Speed Enforcement Vehicle

April 23, 2012

The City of Santa Fe, New Mexico often uses empty patrol cars as mobile camera stations for capturing speeders. The practice is somewhat controversial as many residents find the idea of being indescriminatly surveilled a bit unnerving. It isn’t clear whether those sorts of “big brother” fears motivated the man who calmly stepped out of… Read More »

You Don’t Have to be a Physicist to Beat a Traffic Ticket, But it Helps

April 18, 2012

University of California physicist, Dmitri Krioukov had a problem. He knew he hadn’t run that stop sign, even though the officer who pulled him over insisted he’d seen him do so. At stake was a $400 traffic ticket… What to do?  In oder to beat the rap there were two important questions Krioukov had to… Read More »

Virginia DMV Issues Warning Against Unlikely Villain: Flip Flops

April 16, 2012

Be afraid, Virginia. And use good sense with your footwear when driving…

Councilwoman, Karen Toles Will fight Her Reckless Driving Ticket in Court

April 2, 2012

County Councilwoman, Karen Toles was stopped on the DC beltway in Late February after bring observed going over 100 miles per hour. At first she ignored the police officer following her, leading to a brief but tense stand-off when she finally acknowledged the officer’s request to pull over. Upon exciting her vehicle, according to media… Read More »